About Remainder

Remainder is violent, chaotic, peaceful, and full of joy

” These are the best times of our lives but were all still running blind ”

4 kids from boston and providence who have come together to create a band that they can truly enjoy for the love of music and art. This band is all about the hours spent sitting in a suburban driving to a show, meeting new people from all around the world, creating art through the power of noise and the voice, and simply living our lives to the fullest. Some of the most rewarding experiences for all of us have been meeting and playing with bands that we never thought we would meet and joining them in a basement, community center, or space and singing along while being packed tightly with a bunch of other kids enjoying the same music. With Remainder, we truly feel connected with the world. And so the joy will continue….

Our new album has been released, THE FROZEN WORLD THAWED. We appreciate it greatly if you would listen to it and give us your support.

thank you

– remainder


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